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Ron Canuel

Ron Canuel has focused on supporting change in education primarily via the effective integration of the voice of students and teachers. He is considered one of the leading Canadian experts in the design and implementation of successful system-wide change strategies, increasing student engagement in the classroom and the effective technology integration plans into education systems.

Ron continues to be a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at a number of conferences in education, including locations across Asia, North-South-Central America, Australia and Europe.

Margarita Silva

Educational Innovation and Transformation Leader. She has been teaching for over 15 years, and a coordinator/director in different institutions from nursery to high school for over 5 years; and mentor in the first generation of GDL Impulsa Labs. She has designed and lead PD courses and workshops, as well as consulted for different schools in México on topics such as educational innovation, neurosciences, Google Suite for Education, Khan Academy, and active methodologies. Curious soul, addict to learning, and informed risk-taker.

Jessica Rodríguez

Educator, passionate about contributing to the personal and professional growth of the people around her. She has served as academic coordinator at Elementary, has co-built learning experiences according to the active methodology of Project-Based Learning, and currently accompanies the academic and formative process of teachers and educational leaders.

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